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e-dubble - Taking My Time (Freestyle Friday #40)
iTunes Twitter Facebook Reset on iTunes: Hip Hop is Good on iTunes: The physical editions of CDs and shirts: e-dubble uses his music as a tool to convey his thoughts and feelings in an honest style that is difficult to find in hip-hop.
Evan Sewell Wallace (E-dubble) was a rapper who unfortunately pass away due a diseases at his 34 years, his music is a little forgiven for the past years. His music is a different and the only rap/Hip hop that I like. I am glad to still listen to his music and his freestyle series, and I really enjoy while I play. Although I'm not here to obligate you to listen his music but I am inviting you to play some of his songs, and please enjoy 1- Taking my time 2- Sidelines 3- Hampden parks 4- Let me Oh 5- Harmonium Thanks E-dubble for the good moments.
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