Standards of League of Legends.

Okay, let's first have "standards" in form of a link: Now what does basically it says is: "A bunch of idiots, by even to god unknown reason got the right to judge things they don't understand shit about. Nonexistent standards were applied in the process of judging, therefore you will get punished for baseless accusations. The vast majority of emotionally unstable idiots agrees that this game is for milk drinkers, and you can't treat them like an adult". Now let's talk about "standards" that League of Legends holds, shall we: Are they: 1. Nonexistent physics inside of a game? 2. Broken and unbalanced champions? 3. Terrible matchmaking in an over 10 years old game? 4. Idiotic people with the IQ level of single cell organism? 5. Riot who spent thousands of hours writing lore, while really important things like skins and balance and all that is not a fuck given about? I could go on and on, but you get the point Shitrot.
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