When Maintenance Goes Up And The Client Goes Down.

Look, I'm not harboring any hatred. I'm just giving answers for problems where they lie. So here we go... There's nothing wrong with the PBE going down for any reason at all, that's just what the PBE is and there is nothing wrong about it. Accept it. My problem and possibly many others who feel this way is when the PBE Client refers you to the wrong page for seeing "Service Status",(https://status.leagueoflegends.com). This is the correct page (https://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#pbe) and I can only wish this was implemented. Personally, I believe that is the #1 most MAJOR and simple fix when it comes down to this kind of issue and honestly, I feel like is the only thing needed but never be touched. Let's make this a little more interesting so there isn't a ton of toxicity here and come up with the idea where the application Icon itself can notify the User that it is down without having to ever launch it in the first place. I would love this, but at the same time I'd hate it for security and privacy reasons. What do you think?
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