Yuumi rework

By this point, everyone knows Yuumi and either loves or hates the champ. With yuumi it can be really easy to give an overwhelming advantage to whoever's the powerhouse of your team, this is especially apparent with matchups like Veigar's infinitely stacking AP. Yuumi's pretty locked into support though, she can't do much of anything by herself, at least not until the very late game, mostly because her abilities rely so much on being paired with a champion. I think a little rework could fix this though. First off, I think a slight nerf to her Adaptive Damage buff would make her feel less overpowered. Secondly, reworking her W to allow her to latch on to minions would allow her to solo lane. Since minions HP, with the exception of superminions, is low enough to gun down pretty quickly before Yuumi's E can cooldown, it shouldn't be too overpowered. Do you think this would help to balance the champ, and give her more versatility?
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