Does Riot want the majority of us to turn into "Hashinshin" to be heard?

It's not funny anymore. Keeping an entire ranged class with better runes options, cheaper overloaded items, and shield/healing slaves should've never been the only decider of an entire game. and that's not all, to add more to the issue, keeping a set of limited champs broken and crowding almost every role without any fix {{champion:41}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} keeps certain champs' mains feel useless and unrewarded no matter how good they perform. I'm surprised, why are you rushing to re-buff {{champion:28}} after the previous nerfs put her in a good spot? is champ's popularity too important to you that it keep other champs completely forgotten? Can't wait for the new "Void" adc who'll be obviously dealing "true damage" to be revealed. I'm sure the "high risk high reward" description you gave it/her/him will be super ignored since ADC items will do that instead, and supports will drop those risks at least to 50%.
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