Am I no longer going to get end of season rewards now?

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I got a message in one of my recent games tonight along the lines of "You're not eligible for honor rewards due to afk/leaving behavior." I only got this because the last few days I keep getting games where I never connect, and it doesn't say anything til they early surrender. With the new loading percent display I have no way of knowing if it's me or someone else not loading. If the percent gets frozen I have no way of knowing whether I'm waiting on someone else or not. I know I could restart to check, but it has never been an issue til recently because I usually don't bugsplat. Am I no longer going to receive end of season rewards, or something, because of this? I realize this is preaching to the choir, but I feel like this is unfair punishment if I'm losing out of one-time annual rewards. I've never left a game in my entire 5 years playing League. I've never even surrendered, except very rarely under peer pressure. I've never intentionally dropped from a match to avoid playing with teammates or weird comps or any other reason. I play all games to the end, with the belief that any game is winnable. I have level 4 honors currently, and I generally always make high honors. I'm typically very civil in my games, and try to make sure everyone is happy in games, if nothing more than to increase chances of winning. I've never even bmed someone for doing bad, I always assume they're just having a bad game. Anyway, I guess this is both a question and a pointless cry of why I think I shouldn't be punished so severely. Or maybe (hopefully) I'm just misunderstanding the message I received, and the consequences weren't as bad as they sounded. PS: Not that it probably matters, but the game in question I received the message after not connecting is linked above.
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