After coming back after years

Ive noticed the players are all the same. Played a ranked in silver/gold for fun (was high diamond b4 quitting) and my GOD. Had to tell a jungler to actually play the game, the players get super upset and butthurt if you try to give any advice or say anything you are "whining" or "toxic". The league community is taught to just throw buzzwords around if they think its close or if there feelings get hurt. All in all im glad I stopped playing because ive never seen a more dumb player base in a very non mechanical game. Everyone sucks, everyones a baby. Its just gross lmao. If you have been thinking of quitting I highly recommend it. Hell the fortnite community is even better than this one. Less babies with a younger demographic. Yikes. But hey atleast auto chess will be fun! No weirdos to ruin games in there.
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