If They're Going To Add These Champs in Jungle....

{{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} Just wtf.... and Diana is already decent in jungle. I guess I'm for it (not really), but hey then while we're at it, if they're going to do this then: Add {{champion:12}} jungle back. Put {{champion:164}} e stun on monsters back. Add {{champion:81}} jungle back. If they're gonna add {{champion:238}} and {{champion:91}} then now he has good counters and he'd be a good pick into {{champion:64}} who's pretty strong right now. Let {{champion:89}} proc her passive herself on monsters. Let {{champion:25}} do bonus damage on monsters with her w. Let {{champion:518}} q do bonus damage on monsters. Add {{champion:246}} jungle back. Add {{champion:517}} jungle back. Am I serious? (50/50) but if they're gonna bring champs like these into jungle then go all out.
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