Honestly, I'm probably never going to play normals or ranked again.

With the addition of eternals, which I mistyped as 'immortals' in the first draft, it seems like Riot cares less about whether the game is enjoyable than they do about making money. This has been known for a while, but it's far more obvious at this point. I get nothing out of the game anymore. It's not fun. It's not balanced. Ranked doesn't provide any actual useful rewards. It's impossible to carry a game by yourself in most cases. One person can ruin the game for everyone. The report system doesn't work. Honestly, it's just insane how many reasons there are not to play anymore vs how many there used to be. I remember back in season 6 when people who went afk got banned. Now, there is counterplay to this. People can run around the map literally just right clicking doing nothing and not get punished. Not attacking. Not casting spells. Not dying. Not. Even. Participating. It's revolting how Riot doesn't do anything about this. If you don't believe me, try it. The system cannot detect this behavior in the slightest. Then there's the toxicity. Anyone can say much worse things than what the filter actually catches and have absolutely nothing done about it. On PBE right now, the amount of racism and sexism is absurd. I've had chinese players call me "stupid american dog" because I was having a bad game. I've had brazilian players call me autistic for not wanting to lane against quinn as ornn. That last one isn't racist, but it's still not punishable by the system. Nobody is safe. You can mute chat. You can mute emotes. And you can mute pings. But you can't mute actions. If I get a person on my team who decides to run it down mid twice then walk around doing nothing for half the game, I CAN GET PUNISHED FOR SITTING IN BASE NOT WANTING TO WASTE TIME ON A GAME WHERE MY TEAM IS AT A SEVERE DISADVANTAGE. It's ridiculous. There's no counterplay to your OWN teammates beating you in lane. NOT TO MENTION the 4v5 the game becomes. In ARURF, the game becomes playable. It becomes fun. There's far less trolls, though afks are still common but I'm pretty sure that's because of the sever, PBE being almost global. There is legit counterplay to most strategies. It's called a 15 minute average game time. It's nice to not have to sit there for 30 minutes wasting time on a game that we can't win because one guy decides to ruin it for everyone.
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