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Since no one could answer the question of what is the "correct" way to play the game, and my thread was deleted here is what I could think of. Come up with a way to give options on what you want to see out of your ranked games. Like a box that says "only ranged bot" or "no mage supports" or "no ranged tops". That way, folks can get their perfect scenario for games or at least not ban someone for going "off meta". I made that thread as a followup to a previous thread on a person asking why he was banned for going Kindred and a specialist followed up by saying "First and foremost: You never buy mobis on Kindred. Doesn't seem like that big a deal on the surface, but here is why it's important:" My thing is, where is it stated that there is a correct way to build/ play a certain champ/role? Remember int sion? Should those Sions that figured out a way to win be punished because they had high death rates when they lost or it didnt work out? I know i know, they nerfed that because it was being "abused" but if someone figures out a way to win that is unconventional why should they get extra scrutiny for when it does not work for 1 game even though it worked for 8/9 other previous games? I was under the impression a player being bad did not warrant a ban. If this is not true, then let me know. I need citations too, not "look it up on google" stuff. Citations from Riot.
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