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hey guys ear here with an animu waifu thread[][][][][][][][][] Today I will discuss Daredevil the Netflix tv show. Basically it is the greatest tv show. Daredevil is a blind guy who can still see because he has super hearing/smell/touch, etc. He fights crime and battles the Kingpin, played by Vincent D'nofrio. The kingpin is the best villain ever. Season 1 is amazing. Season 2 wasn't that great because it had elektra and The Hand which succ. But season 2 had the punisher which was good.[][][][][][][][][][][] Season 3 came out on the 19th and it is amazing. Each season of daredevil had a scene where they did it in one take. Season 1's was great. Season 2 was less good because the whole season wasn't that great. Season 3 however was amazing. There is a prison fight scene with the punisher vs prisoners and i didn't think they could top that, but they did with season 3. The one take scene lasted 11 minutes and 30 seconds; and it was so tense.[][][][][][][][][] Get netflix and watch daredevil. Just talking about it makes me wanna watch season 1 again its that good. The only issue i have is with the fight choreography. It is too good and doesn't feel real. The guys dont try to block punches. It feels too choreographed. In a real fight its messy. These are too fluid. Oh well[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Now for music
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