The tutorial is increadibly bad. New players learn NOTHING useful.

Whats a ward? Where do you use it? Why do i use it? What is a gank? How do i build a champion, What roles go where and how do you play them? What champions are good at what roles? What do you do to play from behind? What counters invisibility? What should you do when ahead? When do you prioritize being aggressive in lane? Should you focus on kills or farming? When do you roam? What is ap? What is ad? How do you defend against specific kinds of damage? Nothing you ACTUALLY need to know is taught in the tutorial or at any point during the climb to lv 30 the only thing you learn in the tutorial is how to buy something turrets kill you and how to pick a skill. Simple solution would be to make some tutorial videos explaining things and reward players for watching them. Make it so they are in client video series that stop playing when the client is not the active window. To encourage watching them make it so the first time you watch a video you get 1350 for each one. When you have watched half of them you get 3150 and when you have watched all of them get 6300 blue essence.
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