Someone tell me where I went wrong because I don't quite seem to get why I got a 25-game retriction

These are my chat logs (the game are 2 weeks apart btw, seems legit) : Game 1 Pre-Game Mopoii: dont ban draven or jhin In-Game Mopoii: akali Mopoii: you're going to get f*cked Mopoii: play safe-ish Mopoii: cuz akali & singed and elo diff Mopoii: ff Mopoii: open Mopoii: stop inting Mopoii: ffs Mopoii: pls report ali Mopoii: thx guys Mopoii: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Mopoii: lol Mopoii: reportable af Mopoii: ez Mopoii: wow Mopoii: legit inting Mopoii: xdd Mopoii: lmao Mopoii: didn't say a single thing Mopoii: or do anything Mopoii: and i'm supposed to be reported Mopoii: FOR WHAT ??? Mopoii: i did NOT flame Mopoii: and you can mute pings Mopoii: that's what the button's made for Mopoii: to troll ? Mopoii: are you trying to lose on purpose or what Mopoii: 1/7/4 Mopoii: telling to report me Mopoii: x) Mopoii: quote me being toxic Mopoii: just quote me Mopoii: you ppl r inting Mopoii: sure bud ;) Mopoii: gg Especially this game, why tf is this game included ??? I didn't say a single thing, or maybe I'm missing Something. Game 2 In-Game Mopoii: DO SOMEOYTHING Mopoii: legit 1v2 Mopoii: lmao Mopoii: pyke Mopoii: 1st time ? Mopoii: pyke Mopoii: stop playing like a pussy Mopoii: pyke is mid Mopoii: fuck u grag Mopoii: ez troll ? Mopoii: says nunu Mopoii: this pyke is legit trolling tho Mopoii: WTF Mopoii: GG RITO Mopoii: oce pyke Mopoii: it's like that since the start of the game Mopoii: he's trash Mopoii: like pussy af Mopoii: lmao Mopoii: stop trolling Mopoii: LMAO Mopoii: for what exactly Mopoii: ??? Mopoii: XDDDDDDDDDD Mopoii: best joke yet Mopoii: don't ask me Mopoii: xD Mopoii: SO DONT Mopoii: ok pls report this pyke for griefing Mopoii: flaming ? Mopoii: quote me Mopoii: what is this eo Mopoii: elo Mopoii: everyone is trolling Mopoii: *cough* Mopoii: ouch Mopoii: what was i saying Mopoii: pyke legit troling Mopoii: lol Mopoii: mute me if you're not happy LMAO Mopoii: thign Mopoii: thing is Mopoii: that i'm not flaming anyone Mopoii: ... Mopoii: ??????????? Mopoii: ez af Mopoii: invade wakanda Mopoii: pls Mopoii: cuz ur trash Mopoii: nice argument Mopoii: fuck u Mopoii: ur full build Mopoii: r u ALSO stupid Mopoii: x) Mopoii: very interesting Mopoii: 1404 ap Mopoii: legit Mopoii: rito pls Mopoii: 1404 Mopoii: ... Mopoii: ?????????????????????????????? Post-Game Mopoii: i was always left alone Mopoii: just not risking my life In this one, I said "trash", not much more. If calling someone "stupid" counts, then include that if you want (the "fuck u" is out of context and was clearly sarcasm). Game 3 Pre-Game Mopoii: zil Mopoii: for ms Mopoii: i'll pop'em Mopoii: des Mopoii: ne Mopoii: neqz'j Mopoii: r Mopoii: wdn Mopoii: xtb4 Mopoii: at least take ignite Mopoii: or echaust Mopoii: NOT TP Mopoii: YOURE SUPPORT In-Game Mopoii: Ahri Mopoii: pop this ori Mopoii: shes a yas main Mopoii: i'm counting on you Mopoii: you too Mopoii: good leash pls Mopoii: MORON Mopoii: NO GANKS FOR BOT Mopoii: :D Mopoii: indeed Mopoii: ? Mopoii: speak english Mopoii: "you retard" Mopoii: lmao Mopoii: XDDDDDDDDD Mopoii: just tell me for what lmao Mopoii: genius Mopoii: ez af Mopoii: bitch Mopoii: can you stop dying pls ? Mopoii: lmao Mopoii: dead Mopoii: rengar pls Mopoii: lmao Mopoii: im trash Mopoii: wow Mopoii: bruh Mopoii: you missed your life Mopoii: 1/5/. Mopoii: keep talking Mopoii: lmfao Mopoii: team player Mopoii: ez Mopoii: no one saw that flash Mopoii: NO ONE Mopoii: Riot must be testing me Mopoii: putting me with these guys Mopoii: whats even the point of telling malz Mopoii: TOXIC LMAO Mopoii: dictionnary Mopoii: ? Mopoii: l Mopoii: m Mopoii: a Mopoii: o Mopoii: what for Mopoii: oce rengo btw Mopoii: is reng afk ? Mopoii: don't end Mopoii: lol Mopoii: gg Post-Game Mopoii: "look dmg" Mopoii: said malz Mopoii: lmao And in this final one, I said "moron". The "bitch" is solely bm (just pointing out cuz out of context). Please reply, is this 25-game chat restriction really valid ? (expecially as they included a game from 2 weeks ago) or am I blind to something obvious ?
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