Thank you Riot, But...

Riot, thank you for giving me the newest champion for free. I know time and money went into making him and I am sure to have fun playing with him in the Rift; that having been said, I cannot help but feel bad for those who did not get the calling card due to the way Riot chose to go about awarding him. I understand that the calling card was available to earn for a month give or take, however until I earned my card on accident right before the time frame expired I had not heard about it. It wasn't until googling around after the fact that I found info on fan websites, but nothing official from Riot. Its kind of sad to think that I almost missed out on an event because Riot could not be bothered to say literally anything about it. But what saddens me more is that I am the only one of my real life friends who got the card because they hadn't heard of the event either, and by the time I was able to tell them it was too late. I get that the idea of a "Secret mission" sounds cool at first thought, but in practice its a really shitty way to reward your player-base. I mean at the least y'all should have dropped hints or waited until halfway through the event to make some form of announcement or do something so that everyone could have a fair chance at getting the card. In the future I beg of you, please do NOT do this sort of thing again. Maybe try something similar, again maybe drops hints over time or maybe some kind of official event dedicated website/forum where players who discover secrets all share what they found out and work together. Also as a side note, I don't understand why people who got the calling card tend to have an elitist attitude toward the situation. On LoL Reddit everyone who got the card thinks they are better than everyone who did not, as if getting the card was something they worked hard for and earned and it separates them from everyone else like Rank; I personally don't think that I am better than anyone for getting something they did not, I think I just happened to be lucky for once and I feel bad for those less lucky than me.
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