If you are an MMO player, keep an eye on Ashes of Creation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7bo40SPvb8 This is a game I'm certainly watching. Ever since I left EVE Online, I've been looking for another MMO to sink my teeth into, but just couldn't find one that scratches that certain itch. I *almost* tried Black Desert Online, but thanks to The Lazy Peon here, I didn't make that mistake. If you don't who Lazy Peon is, he's a YouTuber that's all about MMO's. He reviews them on a regular basis whenever he finds one that interests him, and he is very critical of any game that needs it. If he runs into a horribly designed MMO, you can trust that he will straight up say "Do not buy this game!" (He was criticized once for talking positively of a game that sponsored him, and his audience called him out on it, for the game had many features that he normally would be very critical of.....pretty sure he learned a lesson from that). As for Ashes of Creation, it's an MMO being developed by a WESTERN team (a very important note there), lead by a guy who is just as fed up with all of the disappointing MMO's to have come out lately as anyone else is. (*cough*Bless Online*cough*) And, according to this video, it's making strides in it's development, and is even *ahead* of schedule in many areas.......something you just never hear of in game development. Will this be the WoW killer that everyone has been waiting for? Well.....we don't yet. The game is currently only in "Alpha Zero", which is nothing more than a tech and hardware test. They're not even close to having an actual game on their hands just yet. But if you are someone like me who has been searching for that one good MMO to pull all of your friends into.....I highly suggest you keep an eye on this game. For right now, Intrepid Studios seems to be doing everything right.
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