Who am I kidding, I don't enjoy playing this game anymore either.

^ EDIT: https://78.media.tumblr.com/c081b8f7fb1bee28936719ed45d99531/tumblr_os71bbCcpp1vjynueo1_500.jpg />be me />16y old average upper middle class white dude />except for the sporadic anger issues />don't have a life so I spend my time on shitty video games />haven't played much SR lately />heard guinsoos yi is busted />I'm a support lulu main but fuckit.jpg />load into game against warwick />already know that i'm boned harder than piper perri />oh well />gonna play and have fun anyway />lvl 2 />start taking red buff />full health enemy warwick walks in and steals it />have to flash out />areyoufuckingkiddingme.img />I hate this game />leave the game and make a quick rant post on the forums in .1 zeptoseconds />stare at "reconnect" screen for a moment" />reload the game bc I'm afraid of daddy riot and their leaverbuster />still salted as fuck />blame disconnect on internet />keep playing />team keeps dying />weregonnalose.jpg />corki steals blue buff without asking />tell him to fuck off and go take his wave />/mute all and tell myself that I'm going to win this game if it kills me />fast forward ten minutes and we're still in it />we're still super behind but not losing />take baron />push down some towers />push is stopped before hitting nexus bc my team are baboons and got split up />still trying to be positive />"dw guys we got this!" />game continues to be super back and forth />almost lose repeatedly />finally get into a good spot and go for the final kill />mfw we win />mfw I had the most fun I've had in game in a long time />mfw the rant post I made is already popular />mfw I probably still got reported
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