Riot actually sent me a survey asking for my opinion

I haven't logged in any games in over a year, so not sure why I was the one selected. And the topic they wanted my opinion on was... Esports. Which sever are you closest to? Eastern Who is your favorite Esports team? The fact that you even call it a "sport" pisses me off. Baseball is a sport. Soccer is a sport. League of Legends is a video game. Games are things like chess and checkers. In school the chess team is part of the chess club. Clubs coincide with hobbies. Video games are hobbies and by definition the people who play them are hobbyists. Who is your favorite Esports athlete? Really? Athlete? Your branding here is really frustrating. But if you need a name, XxWukong360EliteXx. His understanding of the game knows no equal. How often do you watch Esports? Is this whole survey only about Esports? I never watch Esports. I haven't even played your game in over a year. Esports is a major reason why I quit. Your balancing department caters to Esports and that is pushing away the common player. How many hours a week would you say you watch Esports? I try to watch zero seconds a year but with the amount of obnoxious ads I am finding on youtube I am sure you guys force me to watch at least 10 minutes a week. I wish you spent that money on bringing back things like The Tribunal, Team Builder and that random little window on the client that let players watch random ranked matches at various skill levels. That was really nice. Wish you would invest money in those things instead of Esports. Do you prefer to watch Esports as a stream or in a pay on demand set up? You're really asking this, huh? Who the hell would realistically pay to watch your crappy programming when there is a free option. Whoever thought up this question is extremely daft. At what time of day do you find most convenient to watch Esports? Order the times from most convenient to least convenient. You guys are making a lot of assumptions here. No time is convenient for me to watch Esports. If Esports is on I either close out the tab, change the channel or leave the room. Have you ever been to an Esports event? If so which one? I have never been to an Esports event and I never intend to ever go to one. It's a waste of my time and your money. Of the leagues listed below, which one do you watch the most? None of the above. I hate Esports. If you guys spent nearly half the time and money on the base game itself you wouldn't find yourself in the desperate situation you find yourself in now with a dying player base and hemorrhaging money. Do you think we should set up the LCS playoffs in a bracket formation or as a gauntlet? Which ever one you guys think will be the least successful, that one. That's the one I pick. I hope you guys fail miserably and cancel all your esports events entirely. How do you think we can improve upon our Esports events? Oh good, the first question I can give a non-sarcastic answer to. You guys should stop balancing your game around the LCS to favor certain champions and items. Its annoying that the rest of the community is force fed these horrendous balance changes for the sake of the LCS big plays you guys are so fond of. I also think you guys should do away with all your ads, both in client and out of client. The ads you put out for Esports is downright obnoxious and intrusive. Stop it. And on a more recent note, you upset the community for barring men from one of your events. Not cool. I think in all fairness you should bar men and women from your events. Thank you for your time! Any other suggestions you may have for us? Yeah, just one. Get rid of Esports. It is the driving factor behind a majority of the crappy decision making of your company. Yeah, you may see a money hit but I think you can consolidate this by getting rid of your Esports department entirely as well as a large portion of the marketing team. The payroll savings will more than compensate your loss of Esports revenue. Then you can take those savings and invest it in the game itself and making it better!
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