Most of Us Can Accept Change Riot, But...

It's hard to accept being lied to about various issues confronting the game right now. **Currency System**: We have certainly established that the in-game currency system (Blue Essence) is atrocious; meanwhile you are telling us how much of an improvement that it is. In thread-after-thread players have been showing that their level gains/games played to BE earned is significantly lower than in the old system. In addition, it *FEELS* very unsatisfying to win games now and get nothing for it whatsoever. Please stop telling me how much better this system is when we 1) know it isn't, 2) have told you what isn't good about it and you have summarily ignored or dismissed us. **Game Balance**: On one hand I guess you solved the balance issues of the game by introducing a rune system that effectively makes just about every champion in the game (other than Skarner) a Golden-Gun capable of one-shotting each other. I'd love to say that the previous statement was hyperbole, but it's pretty accurate. Games are shorter - I finally played a couple of games that went beyond 28 minutes a few days ago, but it's still less than 2% of my Summoner's Rift games have gone beyond 30 minutes. Even the games that did, the outcome was determined at the 10 minute mark... this is essentially just about every game. Damage is so high and mitigation of damage is so minuscule/insignificant that there is very little point in playing tanks... particularly tanky supports that aren't named Leona. "But it's preseason" - the fanboys will say. Sure, it's preseason, but damage and mobility creep has been prominent in League for a couple of seasons now. The new runes are certainly interesting, but the overall damage numbers in League simply must be tuned down a solid 20%. We used to have 15 minute laning phases, teamfights that lasted 15-20 seconds (sometimes), back-and-forth struggles and different team comps most games... this was back when I started playing and even up through about season four. This doesn't mean that snowballing didn't happen or that games didn't get out of whack in Seasons 1-4, but those games were far less frequent. Now it's an issue of who can press buttons the fastest and there's almost no time to react. It's like assassin meta all over again, the irony being that most assassins aren't even the most powerful champions in the game. Laning phase ends at 8 minutes, teamfights are short (less than 10, sometimes 5 seconds), no one and I mean NO ONE is getting to full-build anymore. The "late game" phase is now the 20 minute mark. You know what though? I will reluctantly accept that this is the future of the game, I will begrudgingly live with the fact that this is the direction you want to take League---ideally for e$port$ and LC$BigPlay$ I guess, but **PLEASE** just admit that this is the direction you're going, stop pretending like it isn't happening or ignoring the countless posts about it. **LORE**: Full disclosure here... I played this game for about three years before I even knew the game had lore and I pretty much never cared about it. However, I decided to start reading a few of the stories surrounding the game in 2014 only to have you retcon the entire existence of "summoners", which was odd because it's still "Summoner's Rift" and your official emails to new players or those that update/change account info refers to "summoners". I'll give you full credit for the Gangplank event, that was actually amazing, why there aren't more events like that I'll never know, that's how you emerse people into a story... but then there's this nonsense with Varus. I don't care about the sexuality or sexual proclivities of a champion, but what's with the total retcon of your stories every year or two? Do you have so little faith in your own writings that you have to go back and completely erase their stories in hopes that people will be interested in them? I don't get it. Why should people be interested in lore when they know that in a matter of months or a year it will completely change again without any reason whatsoever? But again, Riot is tone deaf on the subject and hasn't really addressed this at all. Personally I don't care about this aspect of the game, but I respect those that do and feel for you. **Miscellaneous**: The list goes on and on of instances in which the community has rejected Riot's force-fed changes only to later have those changes blow up in their face. Dynamic Queue. What a nightmare that was. Riot told us in season six that they would bring back solo queue in a couple of weeks, they didn't. They told us it would be a few months... nope, finally Solo/Duo Queue came back but not until season SEVEN and even when it did, there was a catch. The catch was that it now had Auto-fill. Auto-fill. While not as unpopular as Dynamic Queue, auto-fill has still pointlessly placed people into roles that they do not enjoy in hopes of getting people into games more expeditiously. It failed on two fronts because people dodged when they were auto-filled and/or individuals were assigned roles that they are not as familiar with or do not enjoy nearly as much. Trust me, as a person that plays more than 50% of their games as support, I saw far too many auto-filled adcs. Games were, and still ARE, determined by who has the most auto-filled players. This is part of the snowball issue. Video games are for enjoyment and relaxation, why force people into situations they don't enjoy? **One-for-All, URF and "Rotating Game Mode"**: I notice that Riot never says "Rotating Game Mode" anymore (It's now "Featured Game Mode"), which is a good thing because the mode never rotated---or at least not through the full rotation of game modes that were available. Poro King and Ascension are apparently the modes that they liked the best even if the community, by-and-large, didn't. URF, the most popular game mode of them all, hasn't been seen since May of 2016. Will it ever come back? My guess is that it won't. Riot provides some interesting reasoning behind this and some of the community regurgitates these talking points (such as "same champions are played every game, it gets boring, etc) but many of these talking points could be used for ARURF (the bastardized version of the most popular game mode) or ANY of the other featured game modes. Personally I saw a wide variety of champions in both One-For-All and URF, but oddly some of the parrots still chirp the same old song. Another excuse is... "but... but... but... the new client". Okay, it's been around almost a year, you can't tell me that it takes this long to write code that links up the One-for-All, URF, etc into the new client. I don't accept that. Of course, this leads back to the central thesis here: Riot lies about these things. Just tell us the truth... you don't really enjoy URF, One-for-All and a few of the other game modes that the community enjoyed and would rather not allow us to play them. If you just said that, many of us---even though we would hate it---would at least respect you for being HONEST about it. - I give Riot all of the credit in the world for developing such a popular game and managing to keep it relevant for the last 7-8 years. It's just that many of us would like a little bit of honesty, better feedback and the straight story as to why changes are being made and the overall direction without all of the fluff. Just say: "We want faster games", "We want you to spend more money, that's why BE is less rewarding", "We like to change stories randomly to go in new and more interesting directions", "We aren't interested in bringing you all of the game modes you want, this is our company, it's our way or the highway". I know I'd respect you a lot more if you just stated it like that and I think many others would, too.
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