People are nuanced and you should learn to forgive people and Riot Riot staffers farted in people's faces, which is bad, but it doesn't mean the game is bad. I had a thread about this some time ago. It sucks though, because I don't like coming out flattly with the points I make. Symbolism is best done through interpretation, and learning is a journey, but I feel the mods have poor communication skills, so here you go assholes. The point was that people can do bad things, like beat up Rihanna, and you can still enjoy their music. Rihanna, started, it too. She punched him and bit him while he was driving. They're both assholes and in the end Rihanna forgave C Breezey, the young phenom. Asshole women and asshole men get together and do shitty things to each other. Are you so clean and pure? You've never done ANYTHING wrong to ANYONE in the past, right? And if you have done something wrong that means everyone should avoid you like the plague. "That Chris Brown guy punched Rihanna. I used to like his music before, but if I like his music now, then now I'm supporting domestic abuse." No, you're not.*KR0lpn7XYPGo1KBo.jpg Einstein married his first cousin and she waited on him hand and foot. When she went ill he refused to see, speak, or care for her. He couldn't be there for her when she died. Now that's fucking shitty, way shittier than C Breezy and Rihanna, imo. But you know what, it doesn't make you a bad person for using math he discovered. Or inventions he made possible. Because people can do good and bad things. So the mods here deleted my last thread on this because apparently I was justifying Chris Brown, because, in my opinion, their reading comprehension is very far below par.
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