Prediction for League's future

Riot only bets on the pro scene which is 0.0001% of the gaming community. Riot keeps developping a fighting game since 7 years and still no news. The team which made LoL a success doesn't exist anymore most of them left Riot Games. Morello has been replaced by people which don't understand how the game works. We all remember s8. The powercreep increased snowball and damage = games became frustrating and unfair. The rework of the old runes/masteries destroyed a balance process which took 8 years of hard work. Riot continues releasing a lot of champions despite the nightmare balance. Moreover the new champions and reworks have kits very difficult to balance. Riot a billionaire company since 6 years and still hasn't : fixed the client and updated all previous existing champions. Riot went from 2.1 to 1.4 billions of benefits last year. You will say it's because of other games ? Well if people play other games it's because lol has lost its charm and attractivity. One man working at ubisoft said that Riot games employees don't work a day even 5% of what a usual ubisoft employee works a day. That's the reason many people in the gaming industry want to move to Riot games : its a well-paid and easy job, cushy job. In fact they Milk us and because of our addiction and because its a free game we don't contest the fact that in the past Riot cared more about their customers. This game and the company are dommed, want to know why ? : - they are taking 7 years to make a fighting game, it has already been canceled once. That doesn't smell good... - Tencent forces riot to keep some level of benefits however Riot only responds by milking its playerbase instead of trying to make the game attractive. - Riot Games spits on their old playerbase which has been around for many years and don't take account of their critics. - They invest too much on e-sport which isn't even profitable ( In general a game shouldn't have a good part of its incomes coming from advertising but from the game itself that's the reason no successful game company uses this kind of practices even Blizzard relys on subscriptions...). I predict that in 2022 the number of players will have dropped to 1/3 of the actual playerbase and that tencent will sell or just kill Riot Games. My irl friends and me have been playing since season 2 and we never stopped. During season 8 we nearly stopped playing. We saw that season 9 didn't solved the main issues that season 8 brought. When we saw how riot treated some of their employees and how they didn't care about veteran's critics we just decided to leave. We are 8 players not touching the game since 6 months. At the beginning i had around 23 friends playing LoL most of them stopped during season 7 and 8. I'm sure If Riot continues this predation on Money without responding to the community's expectations things will be very sad for Riot's employees and players...
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