Reminder: Riot gives ZERO fucks about the community as a whole.

While my [previous thread]( and numerous responses to others have focused on why Riot has not only fucked up legally but also obliterated what little reputation they had managed to salvage, I'm now going to focus on the fact that Riot has given us, the players that gave them the life they're now wasting away, the ultimate middle finger with no hint of remorse. I'd like to personally address Riot and ask, do you understand where your profit comes from? Do you know who gives you your paycheck that then puts food on your table? I would love to hope so, but it would appear you do not. You exist because of your customers, not some endless fountain of money that lies in the basement of your hippie HQ, and while that'd be just really fucking convenient for you due to your recent PR blunders, that's not the case and it's time you wake the fuck up. For starters, telling over 90% of your player base that they are "no longer welcome in gaming" or that it's "ok to take things from men in the name of muh justice" is very piss poor fucking customer service. And I can already see the comments of "but it was just one employee!" no it wasn't, leaked slack messages prove many higher ups have the same backwards mindset that discrimination is somehow OK again even though it's never fucking worked and never will. And Riot's continued silence and lack of action (not even having Klein take down the posts lol? Are the Riot executives that fucking drunk?) proves the company endorses this behavior fully. Well, poor choice Rito, your game for once is not dominating the spotlight and there are a shit ton of other MOBAs that are not retarded enough to become an enemy of their player base, not to mention just more popular and fresh games in general. With that said, what should have been done to prevent a player decline in the first place? Season 8 was a real fucking mistake but your ego was ten feet up your asshole like always so you refused to do the necessary reverts and go back to the easy to balance rune system you had been building up, correcting, and improving for eight god damn years. Like gee who would've guessed, when you throw eight years of work focused on balance away, THE GAME AINT GONNA BE BALANCED!?!?! Do not claim it had to be done in the name of innovation and keeping things fresh, it did fucking not, it instead created what is widely recognized as the worst season on LoL and a sharp player decline. Your ego and refusal to admit a mistake cost you greatly. But hey, not all is bad, you got that "innovation" you guys wanted so much right? Low and behold, Riot has once again not learned from their previous blunders that a huge ego and refusal to ever admit being wrong is a poor fucking choice, and they're paying the price once again, only this time, we're much angrier. Never have I seen the boards so flooded by one topic and such outrage. I'm not exactly the oldest player by any means, I joined late Season 4 for those wondering, but I highly doubt anything from those earlier seasons came remotely close in community outrage to this cluster fuck. That's right, the early seasons littered with bugs and a hot fix needed every two seconds could never spark enough outrage to ever rival these recent events. The community has absolutely made League of Legends history with this sheer amount of backlash. So surely, now that we've got more numbers on a topic than we thought was even fucking possible, Riot has to listen to us now right? At least acknowledge us? Just one teeny tiny statement perhaps? Some semblance of giving a fuck? Hah, that's funny. Riot instead tells its employees to let this whole situation "blow over" and pretend it never happened. Good fucking luck honestly, this is not going to blow over by any means, but you know what will if you don't get your act together? You as a corporation, because you have this exponentially growing fetish about doing massive amounts of damage to your own company. **Sources:** Unfortunately, the leaked screenshots of the slack cannot be posted here as Riot deems themselves being called out as "witch hunting", so here's some instructions to access them. Search on google "Riot slack messages" and click on the article listed on _One Angry Gamer_ (it was the 4th result for me but results may vary). This has most of the information and the messages, but does not show the names in order to avoid trouble from the Riot police. If you want to learn more about the said employees involved, about five minutes of research on the topic is all you'll need. (These messages also hold the special gems of Riot believing this will all just blow over, an individual stating that we are unhappy for "whatever reason", another individual that called Daniel Klein's tweets "empowering", and someone that actually was not DZK calling all the reddit responses "toxic hot garbage". But seriously, cheers to the one employee with a brain in that chat that stated it was not a smart way to address the community. Shame that he's probably gonna get terminated for disagreeing with the toxic agenda they all seem to love so much now.)[/img] Discrimination to end discrimination! What could possibly go wrong?[/img] From the wise words of Daniel Klein, if you believe in actual equality without any gender bias, you are an overgrown toddler.[/img] Men and women literally have equal rights given to them by the law, but it's fine if things are taken from males, because honestly equality is overrated anyways.[/img] That's right, if you just live your day to day life, work five days a week, you're privileged as fuck and you're LITERALLY human scum.[/img] Stated by our lord and savior himself, men are actually no longer welcome in gaming. Tough luck, stop being man babies I guess.[/img] How dare we call his sexist tweets out for being discriminatory! Don't you guys know that it's 2018 and male is no longer considered a "sex", and by extension removing them from the protected classes? All jokes aside, this guy has a history of being very sexist himself (can't put link cuz Rito ninjas will attack this post ;c), but feel free to just search his name on YouTube and see what pops up. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside being called a sexist man baby by someone that has a history of being sexist? It's quite wonderful honestly. And no Riot, there was no witch hunting done on here, no calling for the termination of an employee or anything of the like. This is merely informing the community of what your company is all about! **To the inevitable trolls:** * Save the "bye" responses because I never said I was quitting. * No, just because it was men being targeted doesn't mean discrimination is okay, it's not fucking okay and it sets a dangerous precedent.
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