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League is a Asylum full of lunatics. Never again will I touch this game again. Nothing but bad players remain and toxicity. Developers have given up on the game. It's only down hill from here on out. ~~I feel sorry for those~~ that will remain behind and continue to waste their time with this abomination. And the future posts that will heckle, belittle, flame, troll this post. Cause they feel the need to defend a game that's obviously done for. Not really, the world is a better place for those stuck in this limbo cause you're human waste anyways if you defend this game. Thus you deserve this straitjacket of a game. Have fun doing what you always do as a community and that's bursting into angry nerd rage mob cause somebody is not part of the [hive mind.](https://imgur.com/U7QeqON)
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