Tarzaned live on stream, ran it down, His repeat offenses are unacceptable

r/leagueoflegends - Tarzaned runs it down then afks, ending the game 2/11 while flaming Froggen
https://streamable.com/h9ifi Throughout the entire game he goes on about how bad his teammates are and that the way they play should be bannable. All while being 2/8 before ending 2/11. After this he bans 20+ people from his chat after he went over the vod and asked twitch chat who's fault that game was and they responded 'you'.
The Evidence is there for moderators and riot. Once again, the community has to hold Riot to its own laws that we ourselves have to follow. This is clear, 100% permanent bannable behavior and it is not is first offense. I won't talk about all the others since I don't have the evidence here with me, the community and everyone knows. These are Influencers, these people affect game mentality and toxicity more than anything else. This behavior, let alone repeat behavior is the most unacceptable thing not just for an average player, but for a live influencer who affects tens of thousands of players. Perhaps if someone like NB3 called up their Riot friend, Tarzaned would have been banned by now, who knows!? We shouldn't have to be the ones to get the ball rolling on this. No Pro, no Streamer, no Rioter is above anyone else for this kind of behavior. And if this behavior happens over and over again with no remorse or reform. Permanent bans need to happen and that is what this is.
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