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TLDR at the bottom. So not everyone may agree with me on this (or believe me), but I wanted to say something even if I get downvoted to hell. Didn't post this under "Clash" since it's spammed with "LF CLASH TEAM" posts. Smurfing will always be rampant regardless of how you try and mitigate it. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. --- During Clash my team went up against a LIKELY smurf. Everyone's KD's that game were relatively even and neutral. I won't deny that we played some parts badly, however there were a few noticeable things during drafting phase that didn't reveal themselves until after the game. --- First was the level 30 account. Not strange, I mean new players want to enjoy Clash too. Second, when scouting, their account was full of Morgana and Janna games so we presumed that they were the enemy support. When we got into the game they were actually their mid laner; playing Kassadin (a champion that has carry potential). --- Their account was Silver 4 and while they could have carried; it would have been less likely than their Gold friends--yet, their Gold friends were mostly idle the entire game while they did most of the heavywork (getting triples, quadras left and right). --- I actually waited until their next game was over as well to see if it may have been a lucky "he got fed" type of situation. Same guy went Aatrox mid and the highest multikill again was another quadrakill. --- I hope there would be more verification than SMS to play Clash because as always, smurfs have to ruin all the fun/good-natured competition of it all (ranked included). --- TLDR; We most likely lost to a smurf on the enemy team and it demoralized us a lot/took away fun from it. Submitted a ticket already so I hope Riot does something... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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