Roaming Teemo support mid is NOT trolling!!

Riot should be ashamed! This guy is trying to WIN! Why does Riot now ban everything off meta it doesn't make any sense to me? He has 50% winrate. 50%! I mean, why does it matter if he only picked Teemo roaming support when he was with high-profile streamers? He was still trying to win when he did. I don't think Riot should be so quick to judge on off-meta picks. I've currently gone from Iron 2 to Iron 1 with my Nunu roaming support mid with Ghost and Cleanse strategy. Not to brag but the winrates are pretty good on it (50% over 30 games.) I think if I had a bit more practice playing Nunu roaming support mid with Ghost and Cleanse in ranked I could bring myself up to Bronze 4 and make the winrate even HIGHER! The strategy almost always works and I always get first blood with it! Riot please unban that Teemo guy he is inspiration to all off-meta pickers! P.S. NB3 is toxin.
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