How do you feel about 1 tricks?

I've never 1 tricked Wukong (mainly because back in the day pick ordered decided who went where) because I don't actually know how the community feels about it. I will admit to picking champs to cheese some freelo (pre-rework Talon, triforce tank Irelia, tiger bear backdoor jg Udyr, backdoor Tryndamere & Shaco, AP tank Ekko, full tank Illaoi, etc). But now it's gotten to the point where I'll only use one champ per role. Top/Mid/Marksman are Wukong/Fizz depending on team comp (what damage source do we need). Jungle is always Volibear. Support is either Lulu or Rakan depending on team needs (support or tank). There's also the random Lee Sin pick where he can be effective in all 5 positions if I just decide to say fuck it, I want to play Lee Sin. Though my win rate has increased and I'm less toxic because I'm playing the champ I want to play and not picking to win, a lot of people have a problem with instalocking. So, should I keep my selection open or is playing the champs I know best and have the most experience with the way to go?
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