So I'm quitting league, Fuck you riot.

First game, (All ranked) my team surrenders while we are in the enemies base and they are yet to break into our tier 2 towers. Second game I get flamed constantly for my choice of champion the ENTIRE game. I get put on chat restriction for defending myself you only showed MY chat logs you didnt show what the other team mates were saying. Now I get a katarina who ints 20 kills in ranked spamming "im unbannable riot doesnt ban people they just look at chat logs" so... Fuck you riot. I am not allowed to take my frustration out on team mates who flame me first????????? I cant react to someone trolling and feeding in ranked? Further more this game has become a shit hole for devs who couldnt give 1 fuck less about what the community wants. 8 accounts I have and I purchase rp on every single 1 of them. You can have them all. You can take this game and stick it up your ass. I have friends quitting with me as well. You don't care I'm sure because you are already worth millions but in the long run your game and your company will fail. especially at the rate you are going. Thanks for punishing me for defending myself. Btw Someone threatened to kill me in one of the games you chat restricted for. It was in champ select before the game ever started because I played vayne. Somehow I am the one who got punished for that. Fuck you Fuck your game Fuck your company. I'll never return to this shit game.
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