Account Hacked, Sold, Permabanned, tried everything but can't seem to get through

Hello Everyone, I really hope someone can read my story and give me some advice on how I can break through to Riot. Back in 2010-2012 I would play frequently at PC rooms since my computer at home couldn't run League at a enjoyable FPS. When I got deployed, there was a time frame where I didn't even touch league. But when I finally had a chance to play, I had found my account had been hacked and stolen. (I assume I had been keylogged and/or sold) I was lucky enough to retrieve the account from Riot, but was unfortunate to find out that the account had been permanently banned. I tried many times telling Riot that it was not me that got the account banned, but they keep responding that the tribunal and community has made their decision. I assume many people use this excuse. I had played on this account since beta and was NEVER suspended. Doesn't it seem odd that all these suspensions and warnings came within a months time? The hacker was also very clearly in a different Elo and played different champions. At the time before leaving, I recollect that the account had a very high Elo rating. I was a LeBlanc 1 trick that managed to get the account to Plat / 2k+ Elo. When I was able to get the account back, the rating had tanked completely. I tried pleading to Riot to review this case in hope they can view past the "chat logs" and look at the evidence presented. If they had "IP logs" or even ticket logs of me attempting to retrieve my account. They could even check the champions played, credit cards used for RP purchased (for the name change), and even past Ticket History regarding my account when I had my original name. I tried and tried, but it seems as though I cannot get a support representative to look past these chat logs and tribunal suspensions at all the other supporting evidence presented. Regards, A poor soul just trying to get his account back since 2012. _**UPDATE**_ Riot's response below to my ticket, "I looked into your account, including the time that these penalties were earned. Unfortunately, there are no signs of compromise on this account. It only looks like authorized users were playing on the account. I wish I had better news on this one, but the owner is responsible for all activity on their account, and we cannot remove this punishment" First, "It only looks like authorized users were playing on the account". You can authorize users to play on your account? What? I thought account sharing was a bannable offense, I would never share my account information. But at least they admitted that there is more than one party involved in this account. (me and the hacker). Second, They admitted that they found more than one person playing on the account. But they didn't find "signs of compromise". Even though they had help me retrieve this account back from the hacker. I don't see how that in itself isn't a "compromise". If the user was "authorized", why would they change the password, and why would I require Riot's help in retrieving the account? Next, they claim that I was responsible for "all activity" on this account. I'm still responsible for the hacker's actions? I had a friend where their account was stolen, and the person used only played Xerath to test their scripts. The account had been banned, but he was able to revoke that punishment once he had retrieve the account. This response really confuses me. I hope to get a better explanation from them. But to me, this response looks like progress. Which makes me extremely hopeful. _**UPDATE**_ #2 Second response from Riot "I did not mean to indicate that multiple players have been on the account, but I can see where my wording might have suggested that. Truth be told, I have no idea of telling how many different players were on the account, all I can tell you is that we have not seen any evidence of compromise on this account. We have to make our judgement based on the records we have, and I have looked using all the tools available to me. This account is not eligible to be unbanned at this point. If you don't have any new concerns for us, I will need to close this ticket soon. This is to make sure we're helping as many players as possible, and we've already given our final stance on this case." Looks like the rep realized what he/she said and corrected themselves. Now the issue at hand is that it seems as though they do not have the tools to look back at the data provided. They can't prove that there was a "compromise" to the account, even after the fact that I had to ask Riot for help to retrieve it. On top of things, the warnings started coming in after the name change. Its really hard for me to see it through Riot's point of view. How is it so difficult for them not to see any evidence of a compromised account? If they didn't feel like it was compromised in the first place, why would they help me retrieve it? Looks like this rep had given up on this case. I really don't want to have to open another ticket again. _**UPDATE**_ #3 Riot's response below. "I went back and reviewed your tickets, specifically the ones you sent in about the tribunal ban. I have confirmed that the account was not compromised at the time of the penalty being earned, and we will not be reverting this judgement. At this point I have to let you know that we will not be able to respond to tickets on this issue in the future. We have addressed this concern fully, and will need to tell you to refer to previous tickets. We will not be able to consider appeals on this account any further, and must continue to help other players that we can help. I wish you the best moving forward. I will have to close this ticket now. Have a good evening." Again and again, Riot does not see the whole situation. How can they not see it when its clearly in front of them? As much as I try to explain that the account had been hacked and they helped me retrieve, they don't seem to see it that way. Looks like this rep had completely given up on me. How in the world was the account "not compromised at the time of the penalty being earned"? The account was being used and received multiple warnings and I had all the chances to reform, this is their argument. But they can't see past the fact that it was not me during these warnings. They simply keep referring to the fact that they found no evidence of the account being compromised. I'm really trying to keep it together. I want to go back to the point in where I requested RIOT to HELP me retrieve my account. The e-mail and password was changed! I needed to proved my account ownership by providing all the evidence they required. How is this not proof of the account being compromised? What would my motive be for changing my own e-mail and password, just to be completely toxic and get this account banned? I really hope that someone else from Riot can take a look at this thread or my account. _**UPDATE**_ #4 I realized why Riot cannot find any evidence of the account being compromised. They don't see any tickets of me retrieving the account. The reason for this is because the tickets are under a different account. How can create a ticket under this account if I didn't have the log in information to create a ticket? I must have created a throwaway account just to create the ticket. I don't think they have tools to check all tickets related to this account. I will try and find this ticket somehow.. and update you guys. _**Final Update**_ Hello Everyone, Thank you for your support. I've decided to give up. I tried finding the ticket where I requested help in retrieving the account, but I cannot find it. 6 years is a long time ago. Unless Riot can find it in their system that the account had been retrieved, I really don't have any other way to prove it has been compromised. Other than the account changing names, then receiving the ban. The account never received a suspension under the original name. Even then, I feel that Riot doesn't want to invest the time to look into this issue. Maybe I'll revisit this topic in another few years. But for now, I've decided its not really worth all the time and stress invested. Thanks again everyone for your support. But I've decided to move on..
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