A simple solution to the BE system

1. Earn BE every time you play a game just like the ip system 2. Keep level capsules There. The whole point of the BE system was to make it more easy to get new champs. Some may argue "that would be to easy to get new champs" well it SHOULD be relatively easy to get new champs. Earning BE every game and keeping leveling up capsules seems completely reasonable, even if this were to go through it would still take a long time to get every champion which it shouldn't. Anyways that's my simple solution to the current problem it's embarrassing when my dota friends say dota is better since every champ is free and it takes a million games to unlock the whole cast in league because it's true and I can't defend league (dota's champ system is better not dota being a better game). Anyways please leave comments to how to improve the BE system and it would be nice for an upvote I just want a Rioter to see this post and just take my words in consideration.
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