Stop picking Yi & Yas into Rammus.. STOP!

Had MULTIPLE games where a enemy would lock in Rammus.. And my team mate was like "Lul Rammus" & picks Master Yi or Yas?! {{champion:11}} : All Chat: Rammus lul, trash {{champion:157}} : All Chat: lul Rammus is low elo only, hasagi btch {{champion:33}} : All chat: Ok. Guess what? While sweet little Yi is farming his jungle till 6, guess who the hell bought Mobility Boots & is camping the hard pushing Yas?! RAMMUS. {{champion:157}} : All Chat: trash kid, playing such a cancer champ fk ur self {{champion:33}} : All Chat: Ok! A few minutes down the road, ahh... Guess who the hell has Bramble Vest and is now fed & camping bot lane ADC with his {{summoner:6}} Summoner spell & mobility boots who super sonic runs to you, not escaping even with a fking {{summoner:4}} RAMMUS. {{champion:11}} : All Chat: dude fk ur champ seriously, how the fk is that balanced {{champion:33}} : All Chat: O k. Surprise surprise... {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3194}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3117}} {{champion:33}} COUNTERS YOU. Don't remind me when Rammus is smart & decides to switch his damn boots mid game after he gets done clobbering your AD champ who relies on AUTO ATTACKS, to a Ninja TABI or Merc Treads if he "feels" like it. Had the fkin {{champion:11}} tell me: dude ATTACK THE BACK LINE WHILE RAMMUS FOCUS ME WTF? WHEN THE YI DIES IN LITERALLY 2 SECS TO RAMMUS BUILD & 800 ARMOR. ARE YOU SERIOUS? ridiculous
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