Why is this community so much against voice chat? Why is Riot listening to them?

"I don't need you to yell at me", no one will ever force to join voice chat unless you want to. Make it like premades one, you don't even have to start game in it, you can just join it if you want, you are free to leave or mute anyone. This and client(expect game itself ofc) is reason why Dota is superior. Did I encountered douchebags? Sure. Who gives the frick tho. "Just use Discord". Why tho? Why extra steps? Why can't it be part of the game... "Pings are enough, you don't need voice chat". Sure I can walk to work, but riding car/bus will be quicker. If you somehow consider pings even remotely on par with voice chat, idk what to say. "I'd honestly quit playing if they added voice chat to the game". ??? Sure i can write essey about how I will splitpush and if enemies come for me, you can take Baron and we can rotate mid afterwards and if we picked one we can dive etc. Voice chat is superior to pings expect delivering very basic informations. But I guess community will stay stubborn for no reason... DotA and CSGO, I would argue that they are even more toxic than LoL, but you know, teambased competitive game with voice chat is something that we need to avoid, right? Even freaking Paladins have one... Either add voice chat or party finder so I can find ppl to actually play strategic game with.
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