My name is RenektonNoob, my main has been suspended for 14 days, that's twice in a row. I've been on tilt for the last couple of months, and have become toxic as a result. This is mainly due to trying to get a job after finishing college, and being stressed by the fact that it's harder than I thought it'd be. My main was suspended for the reasons of me running it down mid, all because I was annoyed by a single team mate. Which caused me to ruin the game for my fellow team mates who were trying to win. I used to be a gold player, but haven't played in a while, I'm hard stuck in sliver, and am becoming increasingly frustrated with myself and life. Searching for a job has led me to being bored. As I do nothing but sit at the house and play games. One thing led to another and I got back into league. I don't know why I am trying so hard to be good at this game. I don't understand why I play something in which I derive no enjoyment from. I don't understand why I aspire to be "gud" at this game. I just, sometimes, this game can deliver onto me experiences in which no other game can. That sensation of pulling off an amazing tower dive, or out playing the person who was trash talking you the entire game. Or the adrenaline of coming back from a losing game, when all hope was lost. These emotions, they bring about a sense of intensity that I other wise lack in my life. Suffice to say, I just want to know, why do some of you people play league?
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