Clash system is still abusable./Why not just have 5v5 team ranked again?

While I think the required cellphones were a good start. The tier system allows a diamond 4 to be in tier 4 as long as they have a bronze player on there team to even it out. While if it is a true bronze player i agree that this is fair but from what i experienced and saw in the review of the game it was not a bronze player and clearly a smurf. This is bound to happen of course and im really happy with not just my peformance but everyone i was on the team with. Clash is a great idea but i think i would still rather have ranked teams instead. So that 5v5 gameplay is always available instead of once in a while. Clash is fun and gives the experience of the team game that league is but because the system is abusable with smurfs and tier sand bagging this would make ranked 5v5's the better mode over all. It would get rid of the need for people to want to play on smurfs or sand bag when the team is rated overall instead of tier based matchmaking.
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