The Reason Nightblue3 (Probably) Wont be Punished

Always remember that RIOT is a company focused on profits first. They may claim to be for the players and blah blah blah, but their business dealings, tone deaf decisions, and lack of caring prove otherwise. Nightblue3 is the epitome of everything that RIOT stands for and represents, Toxic behavior, Bad attitude, Privileged, and Popular. Riot doesnt see this as a sign or an act of being fair. They ask themselves what they have to gain for banning Nightblue for 14 days (or whatever). They can make a large number of the fanbase happy, i'm sure, but they don't care about the happiness of their fans. The people who are complaining about Nightblue probably don't watch him or attribute to his streaming numbers in the first place, so RIOT doesn't care to ban him, because then it's their pocketbooks taking a hit. I think it's time we stopped expecting RIOT to do the right thing when it comes to making their fans happy. After all, this is the same company that is currently under investigation for sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and while that is a different story entirely, has RIOT ever given us any reason to really expect they'll do the right thing? We're small people to RIOT and Nightblue. Neither of them care about us or what we think. We are all braindead r****** and we wont get anywhere with either of them. If a large number of the fan base refused to play the game until Nightblue was banned, i'm sure RIOT would ban him in the blink of an eye, but that probably isn't going to happen. It's a toxic work environment fostering toxic people. It's RIOT.
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