Unpopular opinion: Public Smurfs Should Be A Bannable Offense

Doesn’t mean go on a witch hunt looking for smurfs. But I think smurfs should not be publicly accepted. Youtubers showing gameplay of them stomping in silver bronze do not set the right example and further promote smurfing. I think smurfs ruin the ranked experience for those trying to improve and climb the right way. “They get the chance to play versus better players” flawed argument. What usually happens is the smurf gets massively fed and players have a terrible experience getting instantly killed. Usually these smurfs aren’t trying to win, just trying to stomp so they’ll let the game drag on. Edit: I believe showing smurf gameplay and making it obvious or even the focus of the video should lead to bans. The game isn’t balanced around one player being massively better than the others. It’s kind of how gold funneling was a problem. Game just isn’t designed that way.
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