Can I make it before the season ends?

So a few weeks ago I received a chat ban (justified) I did get tilted at my adc for blaming me (Bard) for not saving him (Draven) when he walked into zilean bombs just to catch his axe. I never swore at him or even insulted him but I did say that if he was going to continue to be a jerk about it then I wasn't going to group with him. Anyways I have been sitting at honor level 1 checkpoint 2 of 3 for a few days now. I play a lot with friends and when I am not playing with them I am playing Ranked Support main. I have learned a lot about the honor system that I just didn't know before. So my question is can I make it to honor level 2 before the end of the season? I refuse to ask for honors as I think that defeats the purpose, I have never been banned and did receive a chat ban well over a year (if not 2) ago. Will I have better luck getting honor if I play arams? (meaning I can churn out more ARAMS than normals usually) or is honor is normals worth more or something? Also i've been told that saying anything negative hurts you, so does that mean the best strategy is to just say nothing at all? is all of this for nothing because I probably won't be able to get it anyways?
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