Sad To See Almost No One Enjoying LoL

Almost everyone I play with or used to play with say they do not enjoy the game. After the rune changes, the constant reverts of reworked champions, and Riot refusing to work on what needs to be actually worked on . . . . almost everyone I used to enjoy playing LoL with is taking a year or more break from LoL. The general consensus is that damage is too high, the game is decided by botlane/adc, and LoL is not producing enough VGU and reworks that they should be. Instead of working on what needs to be actually worked on, Riot gives a prioritized rework to Ahri . . . when they know the community has been complaining about Liss's passive and Morde's problems for years now. Ahri gets a 3 patch cycle rework to her abilities though. It's a shame and I am kind of reaching that point myself. I'm tired of seeing specific champions get special treatment when they know other ones have problems of their own. Karma, Morde, Skarner, Liss, Fizz, and others. Ahri, Ryze, Lux, and Ezreal needs that 3 plus patch cycles to address their 50 percent winrates though.
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