10 dollars for TFT maps and on average 100 dollars to get a tier 3 little legend seems like too much

I'm not a fancy big city lawyer, but I think that Riot should reconsider the costs of the only cosmetic things you can buy in TFT. I actually really like the mode but now way in hell am I going to spend 100 dollars on rolling the dice to get a slightly different animal to run into the carousel to get me an item 4 times per game. I blame Riot partly for this gouging but also I blame the whales who need to collect everything and take part in this so that the system never changes to something more reasonable. For the average cost of buying enough eggs to obtain 3 little legends you could buy a PS4. If you have my luck and Riot does things like give you 3 acolyte Lee Sin skins in 3 straight hex tech chests in a row (FFFFF), I would probably need to spend 1000 dollars to get a little legend tier 3. In conclusion: Buff Sejuani.
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