New player free champion selection isn't fair

Edit: Seems I need to put this at the top. _Obviously_, I didn't make the mistake I'm talking about. _I'm_ not a new. _I_ know how much the champions cost. The problem is that they're not telling people you can just disenchant Illaoi and still get Garen as well as every other 450. So I made another smurf account a bit ago to try and teach my friend the game, and while leveling up I found out something a little screwy. At certain milestones, you get to choose one of three champions for free. Problem is... they don't tell you how much BE the champions are worth when the option comes up, and some of the choices are between wildly different cost champions. Daily play rewards options are as follows: **Day 1** * {{champion:18}} 1350, {{champion:51}} 4800, {{champion:81}} 4800 **Day 2** * {{champion:86}} 450, {{champion:92}} 4800, {{champion:420}} 6300 **Day 3** * {{champion:25}} 1350, {{champion:115}} 4800, {{champion:63}} 4800 **Day 4** * {{champion:37}} 3150, {{champion:412}} 4800, {{champion:267}} 4800 **Day 5** * {{champion:105}} 4800, {{champion:91}} 4800, {{champion:245}} 6300 So a player might make the mistake of picking Tristana, Garen, or Morgana, who they could easily get just from playing, instead of one of the more difficult to acquire options. The most egregious of which being the fact *GAREN*, who's 450, is an option next to one of the only two 6300's available this way. That's pretty messed up. At the very least, the box for choosing them should say outright, "Normal Price: [price]".
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