RE: Why Akali's rework was a failure

First of all, if anyone wants to read his reasons, i'll link the thread. He's a Chinese challenger Akali main. I 100% agree with his post. Admittedly i'm not even diamond anymore (I dropped down to plat 1 and can't be bothered to get back up there) but i've still been playing Akali since season 3 so I think my opinion is pretty good as well. My biggest reason to why it was a failure is they focused on her shroud being her defining ability. Her shroud was NOT what her fun to play. Her 3 stack ult was. I think the rework should have tried to preserve the 3 stack ult at all costs, no matter what had to be done or removed. I mean her shroud could have been something as simple as a Twitch/Shaco style free roam stealth for all I cared as long as she maintained that consume mark to deal big damage and getting that ult to do so. You can't tell me it's impossible to balance because you let shit like Yasuo exist. I just kinda hate how reworks become completely new champions. Ezreal's was perfect. All it did was update his current visuals and make his W even better. I'm in the boat of disliking Akali's new looks and voicelines but because it turned her into a completely different character. At this point i'm just ready to move on and hope I like the new assassin coming out enough to just main.
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