Change B.E up a little ?

So I been thinking I'm a level 70 right now on league , and I understand that this takes away the money from you guys by making it easier for people to get B.E and not buy RP but you guys should really think of us more , I play constantly from the time I wake up till the time I got to bed to improve at the game and maybe get into diamond and become a streamer or YouTuber both are big dreams , but the fact is , is that I'm a level 70 and I put a lot of play time and I just want to get the B.E for fun champs to play and try to master , I cant do that when (no joke) it takes me an entire DAY to get from level 70 to 71, most people don't have the time I do to play, and how are these people gonna make B.E when it takes them a lot of the game to play when they don't have the time ? I think riot should change it up again and make it a better B.E system , like every win you get 50 B.E even that's a nice bonus , and especially when I get a champion capsule I get annie , mundo and 90 B.E , like annie and mundo trade in for so little B.E. Maybe think of us who don't have all the champions … Thank you !
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