Warmother Review: Slight Spoilers

So I was originally planning on writing this on my old gaming news platform, but due to lack of communication from their editorial staff, I decided to put it up here instead. Be warned there will be some minor spoilers here, so if you care about spoilers I recommend not reading this. So what is _Warmother_? It is a comic book mini-series that takes a glimpse at Ashe's backstory. I have to give the writer credit for starting with some good dramatic action between Ashe's mother and aunt but at the same time, it gets completely pushed to the side even though it could have been a major point of contention throughout the story. As a comic book fan and a League fan, I thought this new take on the lore of the game was a promising start. As someone who has been harping for years that Riot needed to do more with the stories of Runeterra, I was decently pleased with this beginning. There are plenty of excellent moments within the story that shine really well. However, there are several key issues in the story as well. Where I think the story could have done better is making that intro scene more impactful to the overall plot. It plays such a small role in the overall story and doesn't seem to impact Ashe's development at all. Furthermore, there are several character connections that could have been expanded to make their outcomes more impactful, such as Sejuani's appearance in the story. We get very little of the "sisterly bond" between the two before they go their own way, which dulls the emotional impact that should have existed in that sequence. The other big thing, in my opinion, is the lack of explanation given to key terminology outside of just looking it up in the glossary. Things like Oathsworn aren't really explained too well. From what I gathered, it seems to be something similar to marriage, but I didn't look in the glossary to confirm. However, with its faults, _Warmother_ still does plenty of things right. There are several great dramatic moments in the story and a few unexpected twists that arise. The artwork and scenes in each panel are amazing and usually capture the tone of the story very well. I can't go further into what the story does right without giving away major spoilers, so I'll just have to ask readers to trust me that there are amazing moments within the story. All in all, I think it was a good read. My biggest complaint is that the story could have gone so much deeper than it did. Especially at the end, a summary is used instead of actually showing Ashe's final development. If I had to rate _Warmother_ on a 10 point scale I would say it is probably an 8 out of 10, definitely worth reading, even if I ended up wanting more when it was over.
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