So Riot can make a Dota Chess clone in less than half a year, but at the same time they...

- Can't focus on fixing the buggy-ass game with countless problems/lags/gamebreaking stuff exacerbating patch after patch after patch and so forth - Can't fix bugged to no-end client people have been having ACTUAL issues about for how long? Since it's release? - Fail to create at least somewhat decent balance **for YEARS** - Provide countless excuses for not doing something they should've done and vice versa, and then MAYBE adressing the issue **WAY too late**or taking an insane amount of time to roll back on a previous decision (but mostly, just never) - Don't adress the damage meta in the game that's been going on since season 6-7 which people are totally sick of right now and would sincerely like to change - Refuse to keep Nexus Blitz, an orignial fun gameplay mode, after just a few months of it's development and testing because reasons - Can't fix Clash while providing more excuses for it - Constantly feed us the lie that they listen to constructive feedback yet the majority if not all contstructive posts made on these forums are left ignored yet again and again,months after months, _especially_ the balance ones and more,and more and more... Excuse you, who the fuck are you trying to bullshit here Riot? Like seriously, think about it. If Riot would be adressing in-game/client/community problems at speed they released Teamfight Tactics or, hell, release skins, **I'm confident half of peoples' complaints on League would be non-existant right now**. And yet the main game remains stale, broken, unplayable for some, _ for YEARS_, but hey you've got this new game mode, _made in under half a year,_ that Riot totally didn't just rip-off just for monetisation purposes! I sincerely encourage people to stop showing support for Riot Games, specifically monetarily. From what I can deduce, the speed at which they managed to "release" (read:copy-paste) a new game mode does not correlate to how they fail to adress aforementioned issues _with taking it so damn long or in majority of times simply never_, and this impudent behavior of another cash grab campaign should not be once again tolerated
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