PurpleKingCrazy: Where does this name come from? (Revival?)

I know I quit League of Legends for a while and uninstalled the game as well. But in my years I had a post to where the name "PurpleKingCrazy" had come from and not the most 'offensive' in a derogatory form of passion. But I am here to explain (and some intention of Copy-paste mechanic) of where that name comes from and over the years kept this name in unforgettable harmony. I am not there for attention but kinda wish to be infamous for the kind of name I wish to stand, to be recognized, as the "king that truly lives in the purple castle that's in the sky" ######**_Purple_** Yep, that's my favorite color! I really love purple, even before League of Legends... Even on Toontown, I had a purple duck and I became so crazy on it... I laughed it up and everything. Well, it was EVEN before that. When I started playing games, I came across a dragon named Spyro. Spyro the PURPLE dragon! I loved Dragons! and then, I loved Purple to this day! (Yes, Skarner is one of my favorite champions as of far.) #*King* Now where does this come from? Well, I played Need for Madness, and come across my favorite car of all time. His name was literally EL KING! I've played it for so long that I would call myself KING in Need for Madness 2. It was good to be king for a while, but calling myself PurpleKing seemed far-fetched and not ordinary that I wouldn't be able to consider myself original, until the next thing came along to complete the original and sarcastic name. (still runs to this day as of late, ironically, called NEED FOR MADNESS multiplayer) _C r a z y_ This is apparently a subjective to how crazy I was back in the day. And to say it had been a lot out of me since the term "crazy" was implemented into that name and it appear to be stuck ever since. However now that I look about it, I felt more proud into suddenly using that word that may not roll as much if I used PurpleKing instead. This kind of name is a very masterpiece of the name as I share my thoughts about it and yet I am still the kindest, craziest person you could ever meet if you had played with me. (despite the salt over the years when I played league of legends. I did not finally say goodbye I just said I uninstalled League and that's about it but this is truly where I say goodbye and have a great adventure and I truly loved this post to this day and I still remember that time I posted it where it was funny at first but it grew on me after all. I am PurpleKingCrazy after all. _He's Purple! He's Crazy! That makes him **King!**_ {{champion:163}}
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