Own every champ? Sucks to be you

Dearest Riot and Riot affiliates, Why have you nerfed my loot? The changes to loot are lovely benefits to new players, allowing them a chance to randomly receive skin shards for their progress. I mean, there was literally nothing wrong with the old way of just earning IP until you had enough for the champ you wanted, but let's not get into that. With these changes, the game as a whole set its sites on the new players who need more champion options while reclaiming some of the rewards long-term players have. I played since Season III, riding along for every sharp turn and bump in the road, and I claimed every champion in the game. Now, the game throws less skin shards my way and more champion shards. Understand, a champion shard, other than the small handful that minorly help me bump a character's mastery, is useless to someone like me. They aren't worth much essence, and there's not much that essence can get for me that isn't a waste of resources (buying icons? really? I already have the Christmas-Present Poro from '13, best icon ever made). Now, don't get me wrong, I remember the long drought-like years where the only rewards in the game were from ranked matches (which I STILL find too toxic to play after all these years), but after seeing this new path the game is taking of throwing shiny things at everyone, it brings me a decent-sized frown having my shiny things reduced. For the record, before the change in orange essence, I farmed skin shards for **_months _** to unlock the lovely glitter-faced Elementalist Lux shard I plucked from a chest. I do not want to imagine the absolute hell someone will now face attempting to unlock a skin they admire while taking in far less orange essence. Again, I understand that rewards are better than no rewards, but consider the frowning adults who've loved the game long enough to play it all this time. Maybe cut down on champion shards when a player has 0 champions left to earn and trade them out for skin shards? Just a small suggestion and a small start to the long project.
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