Placements for new/fresh lvl 30's in Season 10 is even worse than Season 9? (Any devs can confirm)

Going 10/0 last season meant silver or gold placement, this season however going 10/0 is Bronze 2. This would not be a problem had you been facing Silvers/Bronzes but the problem is you by the 10th game you are facing low platinums from last season and the LP is capped at 32lp a game so by the time you are silver 4 you are facing high platinums, this means when you are gold you will be facing diamonds! Does this also mean by the time you get Diamond 4 you will be facing Diamond 1's and Masters? Seems a bit ridiculous for smurfs to be punished this hard grinding through these games taking around 50 games just to hit diamond 4 and thats at 100% w/r!
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