PSA for those who queue ranked and say "It's just a game".

You are everything that I hate. Everything. Every fiber of my being yearns to strangle you. Yes, it's _just_ a video game. Yes, only like **.8%** of the people who play it will ever make money doing it. **_YES_**, getting angry at random people over the internet is stupid. But do you know what else is stupid? Going 2-11 as Twitch adc and blaming everyone but yourself. Saying 'lul we have late game' while being 1-7 against a 4-0 Veigar support and 7-2 TF adc with an enemy xin jg who has 5 kills. **_QUEUEING UP FOR SOLO/DUO / FLEX / 3V3 FLEX WITH THE IDEA OF 'LUL ITS JUST A GAME DONT TAKE IT SO HARD XDXDXD' AND NOT TRYING IN A GAME MODE THAT IS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR TRYING._** List of game modes not designed for trying; Normal: Blind Normal: Draft Rotating Game Mode ARAM Normal: 3v3 Custom Games Player vs AI Mode List of game modes designed for trying Ranked: Solo/Duo Ranked: Flex 5v5 Ranked: Flex 3v3 Do you see? Do you see how there is literally 2.5x more game modes that you can go and faff about in and no one will flame you for playing something stupid and going like 1-19? Ranked. Is. For. Climbing. Not. For. 'lul its just a game xd' Period.
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