Can we get the revert of brand, and watch how he performs on current midlane?

I would like to play my boy on mid, after his rework, most of the dmg went into passive, nerfing his ap scaling and dmg on abilities. His dmg became more sustained, than bursty. Just making his ap ratios higher in his current state, will make him broken but on the support role lmao, because he still has this passive that almost don't require ap, to actually deal tons of dmg. Right now in s9 and s10 I rarely see brand. His midlane is not so good, while even if he is on support, everyone has a burst to kill him quickly. Pre reworked brand was 1v2 devastating mid range mage, while now he is teamfight machine, just press your abilities, go away, and look at the enemy team if they will just stack on your passive, lmao. If he would get reverted, he would need propably some small buffs, but I think he would be fine on mid. Should he get reverted, or stay as he is now ? what do u think about it ?
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