I’m fine with getting Red Baron corki

I got Red Baron corki. buuuttttt....... I also got 200 worlds tokens. I got an orb, opened it, and got dark cosmic jhin. I got 3000 orange Essence. I can upgrade any skin shard i get and want. I got Annieversery, a dope Annie skin I’m happy to have even though I don’t play Annie. I got 2 gemstones and decided to get 2 masterwork chests. Got another chest and a gemstone from them, so four masterwork chests for free. I got 25 prestige points, so with the worlds pass I bought, I can get a revel grab bag at the end of the year. That’s 1 skin shard for every rarity up to legendary. That’s pretty good for being half free. I got 6300 blue essence, so I can get any new champ I want. I got a lot more than an underwhelming skin, and I think people should appreciate the other ten days of free stuff Riot gave them.
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