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Since we can pay for our stats now, what if we paywalled the game? We could charge, let's say, $5.00 a month for access to Bots and Normals. We'll call this the Gold Package. $10.00 a month will get you access to the benefits of the Gold Package while also unlocking access to Normal Draft pick. Youre looking at the Platinum Package. Sounds pretty prestigious right? But hold on one moment because for the low low price of $15.00 a month you will have full access to ranked game modes plus secret special game modes such as, ARAM, URF, ARURF, plus our newly reintroduced Twisted Treeline 3v3 mode! Welcome to the Diamond package brothers and sisters. The creme de la creme... You're VIP here! But wait because we're not done yet! For being an honored Diamond Package subscriber, you'll also get access to a random selection of "Free Week" champions that will rotate in and out of play on a weekly basis. So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE NOW!
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